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Script Writing

Crafting original scripts or adapting existing works.

Script Editing

Refining and revising scripts.

Concept Development

Brainstorming and developing movie ideas.


Creating visual representations of scenes.



Selecting actors for roles.

Location Scouting

Finding suitable locations for filming.


Planning the shooting schedule.


Forecasting, budget management, analysis and reporting.



Capturing the movie on camera.


Overseeing the creative aspects of the film.


Managing the visual elements, including camera angles and lighting.

Set Design and Construction

Building sets and props.

Costume Design

Creating outfits for characters.

Sound Recording

Capturing dialogue, sound effects, and other audio.


Providing food and beverages for cast and crew.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Preparing actors for their roles.

Stunt Coordination

Planning and executing action sequencesprops

Transport & accomodation

Complete airport and on-ground transport including accommodation.



Assembling and refining the film's footage.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Creating digital effects and enhancements.

Sound Design and Mixing

Refining the audio elements.

Music Composition

Creating original scores or selecting existing tracks.

Color Grading

Adjusting the film's colors for mood and consistency.

Dubbing and Subtitling

Translating the film for international audiences.

Marketing & Promo

Trailer Production

Creating promotional clips for the movie.

Poster and Merchandise Design

Designing promotional materials.

Press Releases and Media Relations

Promoting the film to the media.

Premieres and Film Festival Submissions

Showcasing the film to audiences and critics.

Digital Presence

Website Design

Creating official movie websites with interactive features, trailers, cast bios, and more.

Landing Pages

Designing specific pages for promotions, contests, or special events related to the film.

Digital Collectibles

Designing and producing digital assets, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), that fans can purchase or trade.

Social Media Graphics

Designing promotional graphics for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

AI Consultations

Script Analysis

Using AI to predict audience reception and suggest script modifications.

Casting Suggestions

Recommending actors based on past performance data and audience preferences.

Box Office Predictions

Estimating potential earnings using AI algorithms.


Theatrical Distribution

Releasing the film in cinemas.

Home Entertainment Distribution

Releasing the film on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms.

Streaming and Broadcast Rights

Licensing the film to streaming services and TV networks.

International Distribution

Selling the film to foreign markets.

Ancillary Services

Legal Services

Handling contracts, rights, and other legal matters.

Financial Services

Budgeting, funding, and managing the film's finances.


Storing and preserving the film for future use.


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